We sell Crelant  and Niwalker quality flashlights - most of them for A RAND A LUMEN OR LESS! Crelant conforms to ANSI-FL1 standards, so you can safely compare them to brands that sell for three or four times as much.  Crelant combine top-of-the-range LEDs with really clever design and electronics to produce some of the toughest, best-handling and most powerful flashlights on the market. Most include hard-to-find features like infinitely variable brightness, tail-standing and removable reflectors, and all are waterproof and impact resistant

Niwalker emerged recently as a top contender in the heavyweight division with the launch of their Vostro BK-FA01 and BK-FA02 flashlights. Both are brutally powerful - the first is like focusing the rays of the sun through a huge magnifying glass, projecting a 142,000 candela beam to a class-leading 755 metres, while the second throws a 2,420 lumen fireball of neutral white light well over half a kilometre. These are extraordinary tools, beautifully presented, with a three-year warranty fully supported by me. You can find independent reviews here and here