BK-FA01 = SPOT - 755 meters  = R2200-00

BK-FA02 = SPOT + SPILL – 550 meters = R2290-00

BK-FA01 and BK-FA02 emerged recently as a top contender in the heavyweight division with the launch of their Vostro BK-FA01 and BK-FA02 flashlights. Both are brutally powerful - the first is like focusing the rays of the sun through a huge magnifying glass, projecting a 142,000 candela beam to a class-leading 755 metres, while the second throws a 2,420 lumen fireball of neutral white light well over half a kilometre. These are extraordinary tools, beautifully presented, with a three-year warranty fully supported my us.


"In terms of throw, the BK-FA01 is definitely my XM-L2 class leader at the moment. Although I don't have the TN31 XM-L2 on hand to compare, I doubt it could beat it (based on the performance of my XM-L version). The larger reflector of the BK-series will likely give a consistent edge to this build, for equivalent drive level.

In the terms of the BK-FA02, this is probably going to be the best throwing light in the new MT-G2 class, thanks to the deep reflector. This novel emitter is quite large (i.e., it makes the Luminus SST-90 seem petite). Throw in this case is good, similar to the smaller non-Turbo head of the SST-90-equipped Eagletac MX25L2. Output is typically higher than most SST-90 light I've tested, and toward the higher end of typical 3xXM-L lights I've tested."FROM Candlepowerforum"