Crelant Flash Lights (LED Torch)


Crelant is the range of flashlights produced by Kolta Electronics in Shenzhen City, the special economic zone bordering Hong Kong. Founded in 1996, Kolta produce high-end LED flashlights to military specifications, using the most advanced emitters, circuitry and design, at very competitive prices. But wait, your eyes probably slid over that last bit because it looks like hype. It isn’t. Today nearly all top-line flashlight makers source their LEDs from the same company – Cree Inc. – but Crelant use only their brightest and most efficient emitters. They cost a little more, but you needn't wonder if you could have done better.

A particular feature of Crelant torches is their electronic user interface (UI), which has been fine-tuned after listening to thousands of users. When you press the tactical tail switch on any 7G-series flashlight you get full power, always – just what you need in an emergency. If it’s not an emergency, it’s quick and easy to dial down the light to any level you like and here, too, Crelant are different. While all premium flashlights offer a range of brightness levels, and many include strobes to disorient an attacker or to signal for help, users must cycle through each of those modes to find the one they want. It takes time, it's confusing and annoying. However Crelant’s 7G-series features a “hidden” strobe that is instantly accessible – but only when you need it – and infinitely variable brightness so you can pick any level of light from a blindingly bright searchlight to a night-vision-preserving glow that lasts for days, rather than hours.

For many people, the deciding factor is that Crelant torches simply shine further than comparable lights from other brands: 200, 300, 400, 500 metres – even 600 metres with the optional collimator on the 7G5CS. But don’t take my word for it – check out the independent reviews at where these torches are described as some of the “throwiest” around, and also as great value for money! And while you’re there look up the discussions on “neutral white” LEDs. While the “cool white” light of most high-end LEDs offers maximum brightness (“the glare that obscures”) many people are discovering the value of neutral white light (“the glow that illumines”). Neutral white shows up the true colours of whatever you illuminate – which may be the difference between throwing light on something and seeing what (or who) it is. It’s also a great choice for a braai, when you want to see whether your meat is raw, cooked or burned! Neutral-white emitters are a no-charge option across my entire range (in other countries they usually cost more) so the choice is yours.